'Encrypted Data Push'™  

Here-ye, here-ye: This is a public Announcement for 'all' to know and abide by. 


'Encrypted Data Push'™   is a  pending Trade Mark®

For the Record:

FIRST USE: 20120620. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20120620



Used in conjunction with:  Autovecth Integrated Chip Set (RFIDGPS)™ - 'AVICS'™


'Nxgen Traffic System'™ - 'Xgenasys'™


'Encrypted Data Push'™ - Simply defined has:

The process of handing  off a data file from other locations being sent to or from, that reduces an elementary variable snapshot of the original content
sent or'by other ciphers', 
by identifying a previous masked algorithm that is encapsulated around the parents  'algorithmic identities',

of which these layers are depthed, the key started  from the origination point e.g. file executable or not, with significant intensity to

'Manage Secure Document Retrievals Smarter'®   in 'Secure Capacity Storage'™.


Thus holding to “CrypsisData”  that is nested many times if need be, retains the original integrity of file transferred.  
'Crypsis Cipher Key'™  is nested for verification 
of installation or readability of original content. 




If it is necessary, we will exert all means to protect our 'good trade name' and pursue all avenues available to prevent the improper usage  by anyone else; 

and further if needed, to allow judicial 'review and determination' in the 'State of Texas' on any violation by others;  for any violation of current 

regulations/laws so stated by 'Constitutional & Common' laws of the 'State of Texas',  the 'United States',  U. S. Trade Mark Office (USPTO), 

the U. S. Copyright Office and or  ICANN for all those  laws or regulations  governed for this pending 'trade mark', 

including any claims against CyberSquatters or TypoSquatters.


Any attempt to Cyber Squat our Business/Domain Name with be Reported to: 'CybrSquatteRumors'  



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